Community Clinic Floor Plan

The proposed project consists of the construction and equipping of a community health center which will be staffed by a doctor and allied health professionals paid by the local authorities. It will provide: outpatient services; preventive services including vaccination, maternity and postpartum and well-baby care; common laboratory tests; health education; emergency care and stabilization of patients for transport to Dongola hospital; some inpatient services.

The facility will be available to host visiting specialists and health care campaigns. It will make primary health services convenient and available for all. This project will serve the 17,000 inhabitants of Az-Zawrat and the surrounding villages of Binna, Jarada, Iris island, and Tura.

This is a generic plan for health clinics in Sudan. The Zawrat health clinic will be a similar courtyard style building, but smaller and tailored to local needs. It will be constructed primarily of local materials, but it will have tile floors and modern plumbing for sanitation.

the clinic floor plan

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