The Mother Maryam Foundation Schools Project

Mother Maryam Foundation and our donors support Kolomiseed Elementary School and assist five other elementary schools in the area. We sent money to help the villagers build Kolomiseed school in 1998 and since contribute to maintain and improve the school and to supplement staff salaries. Over the years, Nile Valley Herbs booths at Austin Farmers' Markets have raised thousands of dollars for Kolomiseed School. Sent annually, some is given as bonuses - the headmaster gives each administrator, teacher, volunteer teacher's aide, and janitor an equal amount. The rest funds improvements to buildings and grounds, organized by the teachers. We appreciate donations for the school and its staff.

Kids with backpacks sent by Austin donors

Computers for schools

Kyle Overby spearheaded a project to collect used laptops for schools in two villages. In December 2011, we set up computer labs in six schools with 40 computers. In June 2013, Kyle delivered a second batch of computers. In future, he plans to add locally purchased equipment.

Special thanks go out to Kyle's father, Steve Overby, for spending countless hours preparing the computers for use in the labs. Also, thanks go to Steve and Michele Hake for their help in the collection and delivery of laptops. In addition to many individual donors, Tokyo Electron Ltd. contributed several used laptops.

Please support village schools by donating

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