The Health Clinic

The Kolomiseed Health Clinic opened in July 2011. Open six days a week, it serves as many as 750 patients per month. Patients include women, children and elders - who previously found access to health care difficult. Clinic staff includes: a resident doctor, nurse, midwife, ambulance driver, lab technician, pharmacist, receptionist and two cleaners.

Health needs served by the clinic

The clinic treats many cases of malaria, as well as eye disease, dysentery, and pneumonia. It helps patients maintain chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and heart conditions. Expectant mothers, new mothers, infants, and young children benefit from preventive care and vaccinations - which help parents achieve their desire for a healthy family. When necessary, the ambulance transports people to the clinic or to larger hospitals in the city. The clinic serves all patients regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender or age.

Current clinic needs

Mother Maryam Foundation is raising funds to support the Health Clinic. Operating costs exceed income, since the clinic provides a high standard of care for minimal fees affordable to the villagers, and free for the poor. The clinic has undergone necessary renovations and will have ongoing maintenance needs.

Steve & Michele Hake chat with clinic physician during 2012 visit

Free Health Days

The Clinic has hosted three Free Health Care Days. Specialists (gastroenterologist, eye doctor, dentist, gynecologist & assistant, surgeon, orthopedist, and pediatrician) from the nearby city volunteer to treat patients. Hundreds of people come to see specialists and get free treatment and medications. Mother Maryam Foundation will continue their support of the Free Health Care Days.

Waiting to see specialists at 3rd Free Health Day on Dec. 25, 2015

Thanks to our friend and supporter, Ronald Cheng, the Ob/Gyn room is dedicated to the memory of his father, Mr. Chen Young Fang. Thanks to our friend and supporter, Christopher Maher, the Laboratory is dedicated to the memory of his brother, Mr. Robert Francis Maher.

The following donors have helped build and equip the clinic and supported its operations: Rotary International; Sudatel; Austin, Westlake and Rockport Rotary Clubs; Rotary District 5870; Rotary Club of Paphos Aphrodite in Cyprus; Khartoum Rotary Club; Mosaic Foundation; International Foundation; Campbell Family Foundation; St. George's Episcopal Church; St. Edward's University Students; Leah Goetzel's GoFundMe page; and many individual donors.

The Anti-malaria Campaign

Mother Maryam Foundation and the Health Clinic have implemented a campaign to treat malaria and also to combat its spread. The Health Clinic treats malaria with the latest artemisinin based medications and provides mosquito bed nets to newborns and families in need. To help combat mosquitoes, volunteers spray with permethrin the walls of all homes, schools, community centers, outhouses, and animal pens and they spray oil on the irrigation canals and standing water against larvae.

Kamal, the clinic supervisor, kickstarts the spraying campaign at the school

Volunteers start spraying the village against mosquitoes

AESA Prep Academy students donated money for bed-nets

The Anti-malaria Campaign has been funded by: a memorial to Irene V. Boxberger; Dr. Abdelaziz Osman; South Austin, Downtown Austin, and Westlake Rotary Clubs; James B. and Lois R. Archer Foundation; AESA Prep Academy; and many individual donors.

Please support the Health Clinic and Anti-Malaria Campaign by donating.

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