The Mother Maryam Foundation "will pursue and support projects designed to improve the health and welfare of communities in economically disadvantaged areas in all parts of the world by helping the people in these communities meet their needs for clean water, medical care, nutritious food, educational opportunities, and other basic human needs." Article II, Certificate of Formation of the Mother Maryam Foundation for Humanitarian Development, Inc.

The Mother Maryam Foundation

boy with cowEstablished in 2006, Mother Maryam Foundation for Humanitarian Development is a 501(c)3 charitable organization chartered in Texas. It honors Hajja Maryam Saeed of Zawrat village in the Northern Province of Sudan. Besides raising her family and serving as matriarch of the village, she - without fanfare - helped those in need. Mother Maryam Foundation honors the memory of Hajja Maryam Saeed and honors all mothers.

Mother Maryam Foundation supports health projects in Zawrat. The Kolomiseed Health Clinic provides primary care and emergency services for people from a wide area. We raise funds to support operations, maintenance, and to subsidize medicines. With the help of the clinic, we have recently launched an anti-malaria campaign in Zawrat and surroundings - focusing on treatment and and prevention.

Mother Maryam Foundation also supports education projects. We raise funds for building and grounds improvements, supplements to staff salaries, and equipment.

Mother Maryam Foundation has also implemented a safe water project in Kolomiseed. We raised funds for a well, pump, water tower and distribution system that is run under community management.

We appreciate your support. All Mother Maryam Foundation board members volunteer their time and expenses, so all proceeds go to our projects. Please click here to donate.

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